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Greatgate (Beijing) Sports Entertainment Co.Ltd (GreatGate) was established by Beijing Foreign Enterprise Service Group in 1994 to focus on sports market development in China. Based on the business philosophy of “integrity and creativity,” GreatGate over the past ten years accomplished a leading position in major sports event planning, sports lottery promotion and sports media development, with multiple subsidiaries and more than 400 professionals. 
Since the Arsenal and Beijing GuoAn match in 1995, GreatGate has planned and organized a series of large scale international tournaments, involving football, snooker and car races setting the market trend of commercial sports promotion in China. The 1996 football match between the Chinese and English national teams and the 2003 Real Madrid China Tour were considered pinnacle moments in commercial football events in China. The 2009 “Race of Champions (ROC)” held at the Birds’ Nest Stadium in Beijing reached new height in commercial sports marketing in China. 
At the same time, GreatGate made active contributions to the community at large by hosting intramural sports events and managing government sponsored sports projects such as the 1998 Beijing University Football League and the Beijing—Paris Auto ARRL RTTY. The Company has played a significant role in international sports exchange, e.g. organizing the European tour of Chinese football club-owners and coaching staff. GreatGate also acts as agents on behalf of professional athletes having brokered the transfer of Chinese players Fan Zhiyi and Sun Jihai to Crystal Palace of U.K. The Company represented world renowned football player Ronaldinho in negotiation with China’s Lenovo Group in his endorsement deal. 
Outside sports events, GreatGate has also achieved remarkable accomplishments, which include Beijing performance of Johann Strauss Symphony Orchestra; the nomination and award ceremony of “China Football Dragon Team” for three consecutive years starting from 2001; a series of events to commemorate the 120th Anniversary of the World Record Music and the 90th Anniversary of Chinese Record Music; as well as “One Song One Dream”, the grand celebration event for the Chinese national football team going to the World Cup Final Round in 2001. 
In 2006, GreatGate formed a joint venture, GreatGate ELEVEN (BEIJING) SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT CO. LTD., with ELEVEN INTERNATIONAL GROUPS, a leading sports broker in Spain which opened a new channel for the Company to explore international sports development and to access global capital markets.
Since 2000, GreatGate has extended its business scope into sports lottery and sports media through consolidating its internal resources and seeking external alliances. 
In 2001, “Sports Lottery Communication and Marketing Ltd.” (SLCM) was formed by GreatGate through a joint venture with China Sports Lottery Administration Centre with the task of market development of Sports Lottery nationwide. The JV Company organized a series of large-scale promotional events such as “The Opening Ceremony of China’s Football Lottery”; designing China National Football Lottery’s official website and magazine. SLCM is also in charge of executing the daily sports lottery draws and producing the live TV show for broadcasting nationwide. In the same year, GreatGate invested in a 6000 square meter TV production center. A series of sports lottery promotion programs have since been produced there and broadcasted through CCTV5, Guangdong TV, Jilin TV, Jiangsu TV, as well as international satellite TV channels. 
In 2005, GreatGate successfully developed the “Single Match Betting” football lottery game, which was launched in Beijing, Tianjin, and Guangdong province. At the same time, GreatGate established China’s first lottery retail chain “Happy Pool”. As of today, there are hundreds of Happy Pool shops opened across these regions. 
Internet has also been an important business development area for GreatGate having developed a number of sports lottery promotional websites such as “China Football lottery Online.” In 2010, GreatGate started to build the leading nation-wide e-platform for integrated sports related services. 
In the course of its business, GreatGate has established strong relationships with the government, industry associations, media groups, numerous foreign sport organizations and business partners. GreatGate has successfully built a reputation for its effort in introducing market mechanism and globalization to Chinese sports which has been favorably recognized by the government and the general public.