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Sport Agent
In 1997,GreatGate succeeded in transferring Chinese football players Zhiyi, Fan and Jihai Sun to a famous European football club - Crystal Palace, which was an unprecedented international overseas transfer for Chinese professional players. Later on GreatGate helped more Chinese players and coaches to get training and lessons in leading European clubs.
Intermediary Service
Before the 2006 World Cup,with the help of GreatGate, Lenovo group successfully signed up World footballer of the year Mr. Ronaldinho just after the acquisition of IBM's PC division, and the latter became the global brand image spokesperson of Lenovo.
International Exchanges
In 1996, GreatGate organized Chinese top football club coaches to visit UK for European Cup.
In 1997, GreatGate organized Chinese national football team to a pre-contest training in the UK for the 1998 World Cup qualifier match, warming up with many UK teams.
In 2000, GreatGate organized CEOs of Chinese professional football clubs for a business visit in Europe to many of the top clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, AFC Ajax , International Milan for in-depth exchanges .
Sport IT Services
GreatGate will constantly integrate new internet trends with sports industry,i.e., integrate related data platform and the platform of digital economy including platforms of sports events, sports fitness , sports activities, sports equipment, and sports tourism; add science & technology and intelligence to sports; provide a variety of products and welfare services in the sports industry chain for users and enterprises; and to build up a brand new sports B2B2C ecommerce ecological platform.