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Fan sports Website
Fan sports website presents content in six sections including  information, events, venues, battling , training, investment inviting and it aims to build up a comprehensive public sports service platform, and unifies same city sports fans.
The website is http://fansportunion.com/.
WeChat Subscription Account
WeChat ID of “Fan sports Online” subscription account pushes rich graphic daily news, information of amateur sports events and activities. It presents sports fans viewpoint, and enables subscribers to receive and search for the most comprehensive public sport information in time.
WeChat ID of "Sports Big Challenge" subscription account  fully serves for grassroots sports events, publishes authoritative event related information, schedules, result report, data, pictures, video and other contents, builds up online interactive platform of game operations, and let users get informed of updates of all events anytime and anywhere.
I Sport APP
I Sport app combines multiple functions of sports fitness like events, battles, data, video, social activities . It aims to build up a new sports fitness circle of 8 hours , provide users with value-added professional sports and social services, and  establish an interactive health and sport ecosystem .