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GreatGate has been elaborating in Chinese sport market for decades and it always reminds itself of constant innovation even in nowadays when sport fan population expands quickly. With original creativity and professional execution, GreatGate owns resources from various parties; develops new sport events and activities for international sport organizations, local governments, associations, and entities; sets up a distinct brand image of sport event planning and operation in modern service industry。
The type of sport event GreatGate operates includes international events, association events, university events and non official events.
In event brand marketing, GreatGate combines all its sports event platforms, related platforms from cooperating organizations and multimedia platform of partners, in order to customize direct brand marketing solutions which can be directly delivered to sport population. In addition to event operation related display platform, activity promotion and spreading on all-around media platform, GreatGate internet business provides highly effective content spreading by multimedia like video, pan sports website, microblog, WeChat, mobile app (I Sport), so as to realize online interpersonal communication for offline events, and to achieve the best effect of brand marketing.